The Brand

Seinoedge Group Strategy

We will build on our brand values:

  1. great value for your money
  2. taking on the big boys
  3. for the many not the few
  4. relentless innovation
  5. keeping it simple
  6. entrepreneurial
  7. making a difference in people's lives
  8. honest, open, caring and fun

We will protect our brand from internal and external threats and manage appropriately the business and other risks inherent in venturing.

Mission statement

Our mission is to site manage and extend your companies/personal brand (products and services) to greater heights creating real wealth for all stakeholders.


To develop leading brands in into a global force Africa's leading value brand into a global force.


About us

  • Seino edge is a consultant and service provider firm specialize in Graphics and Web Design, Digital and Large Format Printing, Offset Printing, Marketing and Supply of a wide range of Branded Merchandise, as well as freely offering advice and suggestion from our experience within this industry.

    We (Seino Edge) are the best if not the leading procurement services provider Company delivering marketing solutions to our client.